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Corporate Responsibility

At ApoPharma we believe it's our responsibility to give back

We embrace the concept that to truly prosper we must balance our responsibilities to the varied interests and concerns of our customers, employees and health care professionals. These interest groups are our stakeholders - individuals who make up the society in which we live, members of the greater community.

We strive to be a conscientious corporate citizen, with steadfast Canadian roots. ApoPharma Inc. accepts that it has a direct responsibility to society and to the communities in which our facilities are located, in which our stakeholders live, and where we do business.

ApoPharma is committed to supporting opportunities to improve patient care and quality of life, and for advancing the education of patients and providers. Limited funds can be made available for worthwhile projects that align with ApoPharma’s goals, evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Types of organizations eligible to apply for grants include patient associations and foundations, academic medical centers, professional societies and associations, and other institutions specializing in specific healthcare related disciplines (e.g., healthcare quality improvement and education).

Grant applications can be submitted through our funding portal, click here to access the funding portal

In addition to ApoPharma's direct charitable contributions, it assists various communities through the Apotex Charitable Foundation.